Ukraine: Shelling Raises Fears Ukraine Conflict Is Heating Up

By The New York Times

Photo byThe New York Times

Photo by The New York Times

Russian-backed separatists say they came under attack, raising fears in the West that Moscow may claim an opening for military action. Ukraine said the separatists shelled a kindergarten, wounding three people.

Image A Ukrainian military tank exercise in Donetsk Oblast was abruptly canceled Thursday as soldiers prepared to move to an undisclosed location. Credit… Tyler Hicks/The New York Times KYIV, Ukraine — A dramatic spike in shelling up and down the f… [4599 chars]

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Feb 17 Thu:

US: Russia adds troops near Ukraine despite drawdown claims

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — As Ukrainians waved flags in a show of defiance of a feared Russian invasion , the United States reported that Moscow had added as many as 7,000 troops to forces stationed along the tense border — a warning that contradicted Kremlin declarations that military units were being pulled back.

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Ukraine — Country in Europe

Shelling -

Ukraine — Country in Europe

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