Ukraine-Russia crisis live coverage


Photo byCNBC

Photo by CNBC

The Ukraine crisis hit a pivotal point Thursday as it appeared Russia was gearing up for an invasion, and the U.S. intensified its diplomacy.

The Ukraine-Russia crisis is at a pivotal moment. Ukraine accused pro-Russian separatists of attacking a village near the border. In the U.S., meanwhile, Secretary of State Antony Blinken was headed to the United Nations to make an urgent appeal agai… [557 chars]

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Feb 16 Wed:

Ukraine-Russia crisis: What to know as NATO eyes Russia move

LONDON (AP) — Fears among Western governments that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent have eased, but not disappeared. Diplomatic efforts to avert war got new energy this week after President Vladimir Putin said Russia was willing to discuss security issues with NATO, and Russia said it was withdrawing some of its troops gathered near Ukraine’s borders.

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Feb 15 Tue:

Ukraine-Russia crisis: What to know on hopes of averting war

BERLIN (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin is hosting Germany’s chancellor on Tuesday after the Kremlin signaled that it was still possible for diplomacy to head off what Western officials have said could be an imminent invasion of Ukraine.

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