Supreme Court, in 5–4 Vote, Restores Alabama’s Congressional Voting Map

By The New York Times

Photo byThe New York Times

Photo by The New York Times

A special three-judge court had ordered lawmakers to redraw the lines, saying Black voters “have less opportunity” than other Alabamians to elect their favored candidates.

In a separate dissent, Justice Elena Kagan said the majority had gone badly astray. “It does a disservice to the district court, which meticulously applied this court’s longstanding voting-rights precedent,” she wrote. “And most of all, it does a dis… [2018 chars]

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Feb 06 Sun:

Georgia beats Alabama, clinches National Championship ending 41-year drought

Georgia has ended its four-decade drought as National Champions after a tough defensive battle against Alabama on Monday. The Bulldogs beat the Crimson Tide 33–18.

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Alabama — American football team

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