Judge Who Presided Over Chauvin’s Trial Signed No Knock Warrant in Amir Locke Death

By Business Insider

Photo byBusiness Insider

Photo by Business Insider

Local outlets reported that St. Paul police initially requested a “knock and announce” warrant, but Minneapolis police insisted on changing it.

A 22-year-old Black man in Minnesota was fatally shot following a no-knock warrant. Sources told local outlets Judge Peter Cahill signed off on the warrant, which is currently sealed. Cahill was the judge who presided over the trial of ex-Minneapolis… [2598 chars]

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Feb 06 Sun:

Police Killing of Amir Locke Brings Out Protesters in Minneapolis

Demonstrators march downtown days after the fatal shooting of Amir Locke, 22.

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Feb 04 Fri:

Officer Who Shot Amir Locke Had 4 Complaints on Record Since 2015 Hiring

Some activists are accusing Minneapolis police of a coverup, while a police official said the officer who shot Locke was in a “difficult position.”

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